Have you ever experienced a migraine?

The condition comes with partial neck pain that also incorporates the head causing a headache.

While you may consider taking medications, they may not provide sustainable relief. In some cases, you may find relief with the help of a chiropractor – a health expert focused on treating neuro-musculo-skeletal (nerve, muscle and joint) disorders and pain. No other professional expert focuses on exercise, ergonomics, realignment of the spine and therapies to treat back pain more than a chiropractor.

The information in the article below will further explain how a chiropractor can help relieve migraines.

What Causes a Migraine

First, let’s understand the origin of a migraine. To put it in simple terms, a migraine is typically a chronic condition characterized by recurring episodes of throbbing headache with nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light.

Many experts believe migraines are triggered by:

  • Changes in nerve communication
  • Disorder in brain chemical balance
  • Ruptured blood vessels

The issues above come from the effect of the following:

  1. Nutrition: The types of food you eat can be responsible for migraines. Processed and/or salty foods are significant factors when it comes to migraine causing foods.
  2. Weather: For some people, weather changes may impact imbalances in the secretion of serotonin. The abnormal secretion then prompts a migraine.
  3. Hormonal changes: Migraines are quite common in women due to fluctuations in estrogen secretion. This is more pronounced during menstrual periods, pregnancy periods, and menopause.
  4. Medications: Migraines can occur as an aftermath of certain medications; some include nitro-glycerine and oral contraceptives.

Note – A migraine is different from a headache. Headaches occur due to vasoconstriction which blood vessels around the brain become narrow. Migraines occurs due to vasodilation (expansion) of blood vessels.

General Diagnosis and Techniques Chiropractors Use
Chiropractors administer tests like any doctor or health expert. They use physical (hands-on) and specific equipment to find the exact cause of related neuromuscular disorders (like migraines). A chiropractor may also use CT and X-ray scans for a more accurate diagnosis.

Common techniques used by a chiropractor include hands-on or manual adjusting, instrument adjusting and even tables that will raise slightly and drop to help administer the adjustment.

How A Chiropractor Treats Migraines

Few people associate chiropractic treatment with reducing migraines. However, evidence and study abound to prove the effectiveness of chiropractic treatments for migraines.

For instance, a study from the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological therapeutics shows how spinal manipulative therapy (adjusting) improved participants’ health with migraines in 2000.

Another study from Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine shows how conducting different chiropractic process help reduce the number of participants (with a migraine) by half.

Generally, chiropractic treatment offers the following benefits when it comes to treating migraines. These include;

  • The restoration of nervous system communication.
  • Decrease irritations responsible for brain pain simulation.
  • Increase body’s immunity.
  • Restores normal blood flow.

On your first visit to a chiropractor, the first step is to cross-check your health history. These diagnostics may involve x-rays and even Magnetic resonance imaging scans (MRI).

After a thorough cross-check, a chiropractor drafts out a treatment plan from the diagnostic tests. The next move is to decide on whether they need hands-on or small instruments.

To start the treatment, a chiropractor may have you lay face-down initially. Then apply pressure to the area of pain or misaligned spinal bones or both. Pressure might involve gentle adjusting, massage or other adjunctive treatment.

During the adjustment, you may hear a pop sound or feel a cracking sensation. After this treatment, an expert chiropractor goes on to recommend other therapies like:

  • Regular massage
  • Heat therapy
  • Daily exercises
  • Further consultation on nutrition and other habits
  • Additional adjustments will likely be needed to help correct the condition

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No one wants to have a migraine. It’s pretty troubling and puts a dent in one’s productivity. If you have a migraine, consider a visit to your local Schertz chiropractor. This simple action may save you a lot of time and expense on other treatment that isn’t effective.