Dark Chocolate and a Healthier Spine seems like an odd combination. In this short post your Express Schertz Chiropractor explores the connection.

To understand how dark chocolate can benefit your spine, you must first understand that Magnesium and manganese are 2 important nutrients for spine health. Both are prevalent in dark chocolate.

Magnesium: Magnesium in dark chocolate improves bone matrix and help relax contracted or tight muscles. This can improve flexibility and perhaps make it a little easier for your spine to adjust when at the chiropractor!

Manganese: Manganese in dark chocolate helps regulate blood sugar, support the health of your nervous system and is rich in superoxide dismutase which is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

Healthiest Dark Chocolate Brands: For the highest nutrient and flavonoid content, the best dark chocolate brands are

  1. 100% organic
  2. Contains a minimum 70% cacao that has not been processed with alkal

Dark Chocolate brands that meet these standards include:

  • Alter Ego
  • Chocolove
  • Endangered Species
  • Green & Black’s
  • Taza
  • Theo

There are other great brands out there too but these are just a few.

As with anything we love to indulge in, too much is still not healthy. Choose your Dark Chocolate wisely and enjoy your healthier spine.

Dr. Allen Williams II – local Schertz chiropractor
Express Chiropractic Schertz TX