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Keller Chiropractor Dr. Daron Stegall Announces the Opening of Express Chiropractic Frisco in Frisco Texas

Slogan: Convenient Chiropractic Care that Fits your Crazy Busy World

Summary:  Express Chiropractic & Wellness adds to its Express Chiropractic Fort Worth and Keller locations with the opening of a new Frisco Texas Chiropractic office

Fort Worth, TX, January 12, 2017 – Express Chiropractic founder and Keller, Texas chiropractor Dr. Daron Stegall recently announced the opening of another Express Chiropractic & Wellness location in Frisco TX. Express Frisco chiropractor, Dr. Mike Vilello, provides quality, affordable care to people living in and around Frisco, McKinney, Prosper, Plano and surrounding areas.

With a large population of chiropractors in the Frisco area, Express Chiropractic & Wellness stands out as a refreshingly different way to access regular chiropractor care. Lending to the atypical business model are weekend and evening hours, no appointment required to be seen and lower visit fees than a traditional insurance based chiropractic office.

When asked why he decided to expand the Express Chiropractic brand, Dr. Stegall points out that “More people than ever need chiropractic care and they need it at a price they can afford. As we continue to move toward higher deductibles and copayments, health insurance is getting in the way of people getting the amount of care they really need to truly impact their health.”

Dr. Stegall believes that as chiropractic and massage care becomes more affordable in offices with a business model like the Express concept, more people will begin to use these services as part of their wellness and prevention lifestyle.

The Express Chiropractic & Wellness name and concept is best expressed through the chief slogan, ‘Get in…Get out…Get Better.’ Dr. Stegall states, “The goal is to make the experience in each Express Chiropractic office as efficient and affordable as possible while also maintaining a high level of quality and safety for the patient. While care recommendations are made for specifically to best address the condition that each practice member presents with, Express Chiropractic makes it a standard policy to refrain from requiring long treatment regimens or large upfront payments for care.”

In addition to chiropractic care, Express Chiropractic of Frisco will soon be offering massage as an add-on service. The Express Frisco massage services provided will be Muscle Relief Therapy, or M.R.T. for short, the same as is offered at the Keller and Fort Worth massage locations. MRT is a combination of trigger point therapy, myofascial release and other massage techniques that are designed to quickly release muscle tightness and tension associated with the vertebral subluxation – the loss of proper motion and/or alignment of spinal bones.  The MRT sessions are much shorter than a standard massage session at just 10 to 20 minutes in duration. “MRT is not made to replace a standard one-hour massage but rather serve as a quicker, to the point, muscle release technique that aids in improving proper spine alignment and function” says Dr. Stegall.

Dr. Stegall encourages any person living in and around the Frisco, Texas area to give Express Chiropractic in Frisco a try. The first visit to the office will include a consultation to discuss any neck pain, back pain, headaches or other conditions. The consultation is followed by an evaluation of the spine including a scoliosis check for any patient under the age of 17. Provided the chiropractor determines the patient is a good candidate for care, an adjustment will be administered the same day to begin restoring proper spinal joint motion. An ‘adjustment’ is the process by which a chiropractor introduces motion into spinal and other joints to help restore their proper mobility.

To learn more about your Frisco chiropractor and Express Chiropractic Frisco office and the visit their website at

Boiler Plate Statement:

Express chiropractors in Frisco, TX provide effective chiropractic care to people living and working in the area. Because of the convenient location on Keller Main Street in the heart of the city, Express Chiropractic and Massage Keller also serves as a chiropractor Fort Worth, chiropractor North Richland Hills, chiropractor Watauga and chiropractor Roanoke.